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Aluminum Welding Application

2023-03-06 08:48:17 9

Technology Features:

The robot moves smoothly, the end speed is consistent with the set welding speed, the welding is stable, and the shape is good;  The robot and the welding machine achieve full digital communication control, which can exert the best welding efficiency and welding effect;    

Welding parameters can be set on the robot, or the same workpiece can have different plate thicknesses, requiring different welding process conditions: such as duty cycle, frequency and other parameters, which can also be achieved by calling different JOB numbers by the robot; 500A water-cooled hollow supports long-term double pulse welding;

Single/double pulse digital welding;   It has constant melting depth, stable current output when dry elongation changes; Smooth short-circuit transition, uniform welding bead, beautiful shape;  

l Short arc technology, faster welding speed;High frequency pulsation energy control, deeper penetration, more beautiful fish scales; low heat input;                               

l Wire feed with encoder feedback is more stable and anti-interference is strong; ungradable expert database;The push-draw wire welding torch interface controls the push-draw wire welding torch to make the wire feeding more stable and the arc fluctuation is small

Application Range:

2.5mm-14.0mm aluminum or aluminum alloy welding

Application Field:

Aluminum alloy bicycles, aluminum membrane panels, aluminum fans, auto aluminum parts, aluminum alloy scaffolding and other industries