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Medium-heavy Plate Welding Application

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Technology Features

The high stability of the CRP robot is the basis for thick plate welding; Weaving welding + multi-form point finding + arc tracking are the basic functions of medium and thick plate welding. 

The functions of these arc welding software packages of CRP robots have a large number of market applications and their stability has been affirmed;  Stable weaving welding can effectively increase the weld width; Various forms of positioning are used to accurately search the starting point and end of various welds, adapting to the deviation of the workpiece.                          Using arc tracking in the welding process to correct the deviation of the weld due to deformation or workpiece deviation.

Multi-layer multi-channel software can quickly and flexibly realize multi-layer multi-channel programming.                                                    

 500A water-cooled hollow welding torch, supporting long-term high-current welding; (if you need the wire positioning function, please choose the wire-clamping water-cooled welding gun).                    

The robot and the welding machine communicate through all-digital communication, which is fast and stable.                                          Single/double pulse weldder, if mixed gas can be used to achieve low spatter welding in the full current range with short arc pulse technology, the welding speed is faster; with high-frequency pulse energy control, the penetration is deeper, the heat input is low, and the scales are more beautiful; with smooth short-circuit transition technology, uniform welding bead, beautiful shape; wire feeding with encoder feedback is more stable and strong anti-interference.                                                                              Built-in positioning function: no need to add positioning board.

Application Range:

l6mm-30mm carbon steel                                                                          

lwith large deformation during the welding process is optional: point finding, arc tracking



Application Field:                                                                                       

lparts for construction machinery, construction machinery, steel structure, road and bridge, petrochemical machinery, mining machinery and other industries

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