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Aluminum Welding Application

2023-03-06 08:49:50 9

Technology Features:

The robot moves fastly, improves the beat effectively, processes naturally.    l Thin plate technology in the arc welding software package: small line segment acceleration, flying arc starting to  improve the beat effectively, welding wire withdrawal function effectively improves the arc starting success rate, fish scale welding can weld thinner plates.                                   

The robot and the welder communicate with each other through all-digital communication, which is fast and stable. 

current, thin plate, ultra-low splash  

Both CO2 and mixed gas can be welded with ultra-low spatter:

Thin plate technology with low heat control: stable arc at very low voltage. 

Smooth short-circuit transition: the arc is softer,  tensed, and the shape is more beautiful.

Very high clearance tolerance: high clearance tolerance for errors in workpiece sets.

Wire feeder encoder feedback control: it can be adjusted quickly when the arc fluctuates.   

Optional fish scale welding function: there is a dimensional arc to reduce spatter when interrupted and speed is increasing  at the same time.                Built-in positioning function: no need to add positioning hardware.           


Application Range: 

0.8-6mm carbon steel 

(Fillet weld/lap joint 0.7-0.8mm and above)                                                       (Docking/T type 1.0mm and above)  1.0-6mm stainless steel                          (Fillet weld/lap 1.2mm and above)                                                              (Docking/T type 1.5mm and above)                                                              1.0-6mm galvanized parts 

(Fillet weld/lap 1.0mm and above)                                                                    

(Docking/T type 1.2mm and above)